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HLA Side Discharge Straw/Lime Bucket

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        Side Discharge Straw/Lime Bucket

  • Minimum 12 GPM required
  • Hydraulic drive (coupled direct)
  • Agitator prevents material bridging
  • Secondary metering drum regulates flow onto the belt
  • Mesh in back panel for increased visibility
  • 12" wide high abrasion rubber belt with 1 ½" paddles
  • Discharge from either side of machine
  • Conveyor assembly removable for accessibility
  • Bolted adaptation for loader quick-tach. Easily convert to most loaders
  • 59"H x 58"L outside dimensions
  • For Outside Width add 1-1/4" to Inside Width dimension
Side Discharge Straw/Lime Bucket
Sale Type
part number
Part Number Description Inside Width Heaped Capacity (approx) Weight in lbs
SST72 72" Side Discharge - Straw/Lime 72" 2 cu yd 1365
SST84 84" Side Discharge - Straw/Lime 84" 2-1/3 cu yd 1535
SST96 96" Side Discharge - Straw/Lime 96" 2-3/4 cu yd 1700
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