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Fisher - EZ-V® V-PLOW

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Fisher EZ V® V PLOW A Classic Reincarnated

The FISHER® EZ-V® v-plow, with trip-edge design, is purpose-built to provide industry-leading features, performance and efficiency, just like the other v-plows in our lineup. The EZ-V blade’s lightweight design is ideal for businesses and homeowners using half-ton trucks such as the GMC® Sierra 1500, Chevrolet® Silverado 1500, Ford® F-150, RAM® 1500, Toyota® Tundra and Nissan® Titan.

7' 6" SS
Sale Type
6 Vertical / 2 Horizontal
7' 6" SS
Mount Type
Minute Mount® 2
Blade Gauge
14 ga
Blade Width
7' 6"
Angling Rams
1 ½" x 12"
Blade Height
27" at Center / 33" at End
Cutting Edge
⅜" x 6"
Trip Springs
Lift Cylinder
1 ¼" x 8 ⅝"
Plowing Width
6' 7" Full Angle / 6' 5" Scoop / 6' 9" Full V
Approx. Weight
553 lb
unique features

Fisher EZ V® V PLOW Structural Reinforcement

The EZ-V® v-plow features six vertical ribs, plus two additional horizontal ribs on the stainless steel model, which reinforce the blade for structural integrity and exceptional torsional strength.

A ¾"-diameter, heat-treated steel center pin resides within a three-connection-point hinge for added strength and rigidity.

Reliable Hydraulics

We design and manufacture our own hydraulics to ensure the highest standards of performance, quality, and durability—giving you a plow that is fast, responsive, and built to last. This allows plow drivers to change the blade position quickly and easily for efficient plowing.

All critical hydraulic components are fully enclosed for protection from the elements.

Trip Protection

Each v-plow blade features independent trip-edge protection to get over bumps and hidden obstacles, whether in V, scoop, or straight-blade configuration, helping to protect the plow, the truck and the operator. Since only the bottom edge trips, snow stays in front of the blade, so you can keep on going without dumping the entire load of snow.

The FISHER® trip edge uses compression-type springs that never require adjustment and will not wear out like extension springs.

Fisher EZ V® V PLOW Double-Acting Cylinders

InstaLock double-acting cylinders allow the operator to lock the wings together to use the v-plow in straight blade mode with single button control. Double-acting cylinders also hold the wings firmly in place for clean, efficient back dragging.

Fisher EZ V® V PLOW Center Snow Control

For exceptional snow containment in all positions, the EZ-V® v-plow has a center deflector designed to prevent snow from going over the top of the blade and the formed cutting edges reduce trailing snow.

Fisher EZ V® V PLOW Adjustable Width Configuration

Configures to varying vehicle heights and widths in order to maintain optimum performance.

Fisher EZ V® V PLOW Hydraulic Cover

The fully enclosed hydraulic cover protects the hydraulic unit from the elements and does not require any tools to remove.

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