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When you can't get your mind off Kubota…#KubotaProud pic.twitter.com/wILigT82w3
0gv7OEt7 Normal warren @nhcombinepilot
Thanks to @KubotaCanadaLtd for gate admission and VIP parking at @AginMotion #westcdnag
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#KubotaCares about getting the job done right. Enjoy this month’s #TurfTip to help you be more efficient on the job. pic.twitter.com/f6ejP4jl7n
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Some beautiful drone shots at @AginMotion for our Ride N' Drive event courtesy of LandView Drones. #AIM16 pic.twitter.com/h6fx8AKHMH
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Couldn’t have asked for better weather for day 2 of @AginMotion . Here’s a handful of our favourite pictures. pic.twitter.com/E26XjSGziR
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Ongoing daily at #AIM16! The M7 Ride’n’Drive by @KubotaCanadaLtd takes place on Alberta Drive behind the Kubota exhibit
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Our @meridianmfg people mover wagons are ready to bring in today's crowds with the help of @KubotaCanadaLtd! #AIM16 pic.twitter.com/zwxrf93WyU
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@katebuilds...LOVE! Feel free to send us the video and we'll feature you on our Facebook page :D
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@KubotaCanadaLtd and I are basically like one being. I wave, we wave. #katebuilds #kubota… instagram.com/p/BIEHEfRAZni/
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Ag in Motion attendees had a blast today test driving our RTV's and M7 tractor. #AgChat #AgInMotion #Saskatoon #Farm pic.twitter.com/6lmypDAu3E